Canadian Cannabis Report

Who? Oraclepoll Research in collaboration with marketing executive and cannabis industry consultant Colin Firth.

What? A comprehensive survey of 5,000 Canadian respondents that includes over 70 questions and demographic analysis that provides insight into the mindset of Canadian consumers on the topic of cannabis legalization and Medical Marijuana.

Where? Canada-wide sampling (provinces.)

When? Survey performed from July 3, 2017 to August 9, 2017.

Why? To provide cannabis industry stakeholders a snapshot of Canadians’ views and opinions on the current medical marijuana program and the upcoming cannabis legalization following the federal government’s tabling of legislation of The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) on April 13, 2017, that is expected to provide Canadians legal access to cannabis products on or before July 1, 2018.


Cannabis represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Canadian economy when we as a nation will become the first major industrialized country to legalize cannabis products for sale in mid-2018. Some projections suggest that that the collective economic spinoff from the upstart cannabis sector may exceed $20 billion in annual revenue within a few years of full legalization.

The buzz surrounding the impending legalized recreational cannabis market is building rapidly; the current medical marijuana growers are ramping up expansion in anticipation of millions of Canadians being able to legally add cannabis products to their recreational lifestyles. While there are many opportunities in this expanding sector, there are some challenges and processes that need to be addressed and many questions still need to be answered. Not the least of which, for stakeholders, what do Canadians think of this exciting and controversial new industry and to what levels will they be participating as consumers of cannabis products?

The Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s The Buzz?, will provide answers to many of these questions.

The Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s The Buzz?, is the first comprehensive consumer research report undertaken since the federal government initiated the legalization process in April 2017, and provides an up-to-date snapshot of what 5,000 Canadian respondents are thinking about cannabis, their perceptions, views, opinions and their expected consumption patterns, the very key market analysis that has been lacking up until now.

Oraclepoll Research, one of Canada’s leading polling and consumer market research companies has joined forces with marketing executive and cannabis industry consultant Colin Firth to create the definitive cannabis consumer market report consisting of over 70 cannabis-related questions and detailed analysis covering a diverse range of issues from legal perspectives, consumption patterns and dozens of other relevant topics.

Sample questions:

How often, if at all do you use marijuana/cannabis recreationally?

Have you ever consumed cannabis edibles such as gummies, cookies, brownies or oil based products?

What will be your preferred method to purchase cannabis, online or through a retail store?

What will be your preferred method of consuming cannabis when legalized?

When legalized, will cannabis replace alcohol as your recreational stimulant of choice?