About Dr. Paul Seccaspina

Oraclepoll Founder & President

Dr. Paul Seccaspina

He obtained his BA from Laurentian University (1986) an MA from the University of Western Ontario (1988) and a PhD from the University of Warwick (1997).  He has an extensive background in academia and applied research. His career involved 5 years in the banking industry and 6 years as a University Lecturer at various institutions in Canada and abroad, before he founded Oraclepoll Research in 1995.

He handles all aspects of individual research projects including: customer consultation, design, survey supervision, analysis, final reporting and report presentation. His clients are from both the private and public sector and he has handled projects in the areas of telecommunications, education, the resource sector, health care, environmental and media fields.

Paul has had extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research and has extensive experience in the areas of satisfaction assessment, policy development, advocacy, employee and stakeholder research. He has personally moderated over 400 groups across Canada on a series of issues. He frequently appears in print and broadcast media providing comments on politics and public opinion.

With over two decades of experience in the market research industry, Seccaspina is an expert in project design, survey development, managing projects, analysis and client consultation. He also has an extensive background using statistical software applications such as SPSS & SAS.

He has directed quantitative and qualitative research projects including an extensive and diverse portfolio of studies within the sphere of government and social research, public policy, analysis of social trends, and strategic analysis of public programs. He is active in all areas of research, and specializes in citizen/client satisfaction and public opinion studies, public policy research, program evaluation, qualitative research (stakeholder engagement sessions, focus groups, in-depth interviews), performance measurement of public sector programs including stakeholder engagement and strategy development.

He has a strong background in satisfaction and reputation studies and public opinion surveys in Ontario and has worked with several public-sector organizations on numerous satisfaction and reputation studies.

The range of clients that he has worked with have included the International Joint Commission (IJC), CMHC, Industry Canada, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), CTV-Bellmedia and Bell.

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