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Quorum Communications

quorum-logo2Known for our collaboration, strategic thinking and creative intelligence, we’re simply all about great ideas (and great client projects). We bring people and communities together. We help start meaningful conversations and change people’s awareness and understanding of issues. Sometimes we think out of the box, other times, out of this world. And we like to use both sides of our brain, creative and business.

Pier8 group

pier8group_square_90x90Pier 8 Group’s success in public sector communications has a lot to do with the value system that drives us. When asked by clients, “what makes us different?”, we tell them it’s about our passion and our commitment to creativity, clarity, inclusiveness and accountability.


Environment Communicationeco-logo-on-trees Options (ECO) is a specialized communications firm with a unique insight into the environment and energy areas.

With over 30 years of experience, they have developed deep insight and understanding of the history, issues and culture in these sectors.